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» JUNE'S NEWSLETTER, Monthly news letter
 Posted: Jun 11 2012, 12:47 PM

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JUNE 2012-06-11

This is the first of what will be the monthly news letter! Every month from now on the admins will write up this lovely news letter to update all in penitent things. Please read it. Hate to do all this lovely work for nothing.


First off we would all like to welcome our newest members to the board:

Tanner & Jen!!!! Hope everyone brings them fully into the lovely soap opera drama that is DD & DDNJ.

Also like to welcome the addition of DDNJ Mod – Janis Krow!!!

Second you have noticed some changes and basic rearranging of the site. It’s all very minor but the Admins felt it was needed.

Changes include:
Moving of Cbox & Twitter feed. (Follow us!)
Shifting of Sidebar placement
Minor graphic additions
Spotlight area all scrolly and nice.
Affiliates are now located on the side bar
All plot Forums have it’s our category. Please make sure to read all plot areas. *NEW* News and Police reports to update IN CHARACTER overall/board central plots.

Third there is a NEW special event box open. This is for all to use. This box is for the overall/board wide plot of the cure for lycanthropy and vampirism. ANY QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, SUGGESTIONS PM DESIRE ONLY!!!

Fourth is the opening of DDNJ. This is an extension of the main board. This is a brand new city Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is a separate entity to a degree from DD – New Orleans. Characters that live there play there but are able to float from there to the main site. If all goes well with DDNJ we have another city planned out already. If you haven’t checked out DDNJ do so! Lots of Rank/Leadership positions are open still!

Fifth we have added a new species to be played, THE CORAX! Check out the info thread on them in the species section. PLEASE NOTE: This species is limited to DDNJ!


When you put up new applications please fill them out properly. Do a double, triple check! The admins have found many forget to fill in information most of all.

Still speaking of the applications. PLEASE READ ALL PLOTS AND INFORMATION pertinent to the character. We are finding many skip this VITAL step. How can you make a character that you don’t know the world information on. In the case you are confused and such that is what the admins are for, ASK!

AS ALWAYS DRAMA OOC character will not be tolerated!!! Many times the admins overlook or do not deal out punishments. This will be no more. Harsh punishments will be sadly be handed down to anyone that is causing OOC drama. Banning for days or permanently will be now enforced.

The Admins are here for you in all things, use that! That is it for this month! Join us next month, July for new and exiting updates!


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