CHATBOX HERE! MAKE SURE IT IS 170 PIXELS WIDE! should also be around 300 pixels tall. if you need to make the box taller, just change the height of the div layer above ^


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First off we are not calling any of you dummies we are just committing copyright infringement. Just kidding.

OK here are the rules first and the there will be a nice how to and tidbits to know for playing in the cboxes.

Applications: Applications for still need to be done as we have been doing them from the beginning. This helps the Admins and other players know a bit about the character and acts a nice guide to go and look at when people want to play with you in a box.

Threading still can take place for those that want to thread or aren't on as often with other players.

Rules: There aren't many but the few we have need to be followed.

1. Cbox are considered to be held "hostage" to the players using it.

2. Cboxes can be held for three days. This means after three days you forfeit the box. NO COMPLAINTS.

*New Addition*PLEASE REFRESH ALL CBOX BEFORE USE. (This means not the browser refresh by the one actually on the box in the lower left corner!)

3. When you are done voluntary you must put [END] in the box to signify you are done.

4. ACTIVE BOX: This means if you see people in the box and they are actively playing, this means they have not posted the tag: [END] or it has been less than three days between post, this box is being occupied and you must find a new place to play.

5. NO prolonged full out out of character conversations. Take to Pm's or the main sidebar cbox for questions of ooc chatting. All Ooc chat that happens needs to be in ( ). saying good night when leaving is ok to put but anything past that please go to pm's or sidebar cbox.

6. These boxes are not extra places to play sex and the like. Anything that goes rated R or XXX needs to be taken to the Smutt Box, or if the Smutt box is busy a thread or pm's. Personal Home boxes are currently allowed to have this content, since these should only be played in by box owners. Pm Death if you wish a personal Domain Box. (DESERVING CHARACTERS ONLY) NOTE: ABUSE OF THIS WILL REVOKE THIS RULE.

7. Cboxes are not replacing any current threads unless both parties in the thread would rather shift their conversation in any current threads to the cbox.

8. Remember these cboxes are not premium so they don't autorefresh like the smutt box and the sidebar box. so you have to hit the refresh button. They also have a 200 character limit so watch what you are typing as it cuts you off from typing too much. Yes annoying things but Admins are not made of money.

100x100 icons of the playbys being used for characters work best in the cboxes for avatars. All boxes are equipped to show avatars so please use, we don't want naked people running around.

Again no sexual content allowed in the normal play cboxes(Personal Domain Boxes are an exception), anything past kissing take it somewhere else. This is to keep the boxes and the board from becoming a pornography board.

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