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» Jayme Pearce, Federal Marshall
Jayme Pearce
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Jayme Nolan Pearce

NAME : Jayme Nolan Pearce
AGE: thirty six years old
BIRTHDAY: September, 9th.
HOMETOWN : San Francisco, CA.
GENDER : male
SEXUALITY : heterosexual
  • mother: Abigail Pearce, coroner, 32, dead
  • father: Jonathan Pearce, homicide Detective, 56, alive

  • HAIR: red or light brown depending, can be blonde as well
  • EYES: blue
  • TATTOOS: none
  • SCARS: a few
  • OTHER: his nose is very.. distinct, he never gives a straight answer to why it is how it is.
  • CLOTHING: ranges from suits to simple jeans and tees with leather jacket.

"Jayme was born to two very loving parents Abigail and Jonathan Pearce. Both were in some sort of law enforcement and having them to look up to Jayme was a natural at observation and has developed a unique gift to see things others seem to miss. He grew up learning all his fathers tricks and was tested from a young age on how to hone his observation skills. Some people even when he was young thought he might be psychic.

When Jayme turned 12 his mother was killed in a car accident, or so he had been told then. later when he was graduating high school,Jayme's father told him his mother was killed by a vampire. Jayme didn't believe his father, and refused to believe the truth when he heard it. Jayme went on to College moving out of the family home when he was nineteen. He excelled in school and soon because of his grades in his psychology courses and criminal justice course he took for fun he was approached by the government. He was hesitant to accept their offer. he was courted by the FBI, and the Federal Marshals. eventually he settled in and said yes to the Marshals.

Jayme took some time to adjust to his job but once he grew comfortable he began to show off his skills. It was during a routine case when he came into contact with his first supernatural being. A werewolf. At the time he was 29, and bounty hunters were still the main hunters of supernatural beings, Jayme after the case was solved came away with a better understanding of the supernatural world and for the last seven years he has been studying them more and more and began to train with the new Marshals. it was his skill and experience that got him the new Deputy Marshal job on the eastern coast and south. His main job now consists of tracking and killing or containing supernatural beings that commit crimes. He is still learning from his fellow new marshals that were once vampire executioners or animators on how best to kill a vampire. but in the past three years he has become one of the best at tracking and killing lycanthropes.

Jayme has found a nice little home to call home in New Orleans, though with being on the road working a lot he is barely there. Now a new hot case has him in his new hometown and he is ready to get down to business. "

" Jayme is well skilled in hand to hand combat. He can wield a sword really well though finds he wields a machete more often than he does a sword. Skilled with a handgun. He likes knives and can wield them well. He has learned how to make silver bullets himself. Is skilled in observation and some still think he is psychic."

YOUR NAME : Sarah.
AGE : 30
SEX : female.
EXPERIENCE : 6 + years
OTHER CHARACTERS : Alair and crew.
HOW YOU FOUND US : been here


see Alair

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