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» Missing Person's Special Report!
Marcella Lexia Joy
 Posted: Jun 11 2012, 10:46 AM

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Welcome to your ELEVEN O’CLOCK NEWS. Here withe a Special Report is New Orleans favorite Anchorwoman and field reporter Marcella Joy.

(Camera pans to Marcella sitting at the News Desk. Wearing A stunning outfit. Smiling quickly then turns serious)

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Good Evening New Orleans! I’m Marcella Lexia Joy. Tonight’s major story is about the current rash of missing person’s reports here in the city. I have personally spoken to the local authorities and they claim the rise in missing person is based on the influx of the tourist season. Understandably so that many young people come to town to enjoy the wonderful sight and late night enjoyments but many of the report we have receive aren’t tourist but locals. The local authorities refused comment when we tried to press for answers.

(Runs a clip of Marcella trying to gain access to the Deputy Chief in charge of the NOPD but being obviously rebuked and a door slammed in her face)

Odder still many of these missing person’s report are of local vampires and lycanthrope sources report. Is the NOPD not taking these report seriously because of the nature of them? Are we seeing discrimination for those who are supposed to be legal equal to the rest of us? Inside sources tells us perhaps.

In effort to help we will be showing some missing person’s reports her up on the screen. If you have any information please call the station or the NOPD. Numbers will be listed at the end.

user posted image

(More than 10 missing person reports dominate the screen and scroll slowly till the end. Marcella again is on screen. Close up full on her face. She is not smiling, eyes almost pleading)

Please any information you give can be completely anonymous. The smallest bit of information could go a long way into recovering these people. Can we put those numbers up one more time?

(Camera pans back. Numbers flash on the bottom of the screen)

Well that is all for this segment. Again please Call. This Marcella Lexia Joy for Channel 18 news. Be safe and have a good night!

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