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1972 – Wolf Pack is formed in New Orleans. Varick is Ulfric

1973 – Mae joins Wolf Pack.

1978 – Varick takes Mae and makes her Lupa

1982 – Rodere is formed officially in New Orleans. Felix Santos is Rom

1988 - Dane is infected and joins the pack

1990 – Crevan Becomes Master of the City of New Orleans
- Varick is killed in a fight to the death
- Dane becomes Ulfric of the Wolf Pack.

1991 – Crevan calls all leopards and basically enslaves them.

1992 – Hyenas ally themselves Crevan.

1993 – Ricardo, Second in Command, becomes Rom after mysterious death of former Rom Felix. Allies with Crevan

1995 – Anniah poisons the Rex and is sole leader of the Lion Pride. Allies with Crevan.
- Dane refuses to ally pack with Crevan.

1998 – Both the Leopard and Hyena numbers are seriously depleted due to Crevan’s games.

2003 – Aaron and Jonathan plot to kill Crevan after Anniah gifts him with shock collars.

2004 – Rats decide to join in on the murder plot of Crevan. Reason are suspect.

2005 – Katrina Hits New Orleans
- Crevan is presumed dead in an explosion
- Aaron Nimi-raj of the Leopard Pard is also presumed dead in the explosion
- Jonathan Snow becomes Nimi-raj of the Leopard Pard.

2006 – Alair becomes Master of the City.

2010 – Mass lycanthrope murders take place. Public outcry for the government to intercede.

- Lycnathrope attacks are on the rise. Large spike in Lion community.

2012 – Crevan returns but then is killed by Helen
- Anniah is found to have harbored Crevan and runs. Presumed dead
- Dante becomes Rex of the Lion Pride

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